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Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune is a music sequencer with a slight difference. You create music from street layouts. It sounds like an odd idea, but it’s brilliant.

Draw a road, and place a car on it. Then place different items next to the road such as houses, trees and lamps. As the car passes these it plays a sound. The type of sound/pitch of the note can be changed. You can have several cars moving round at the same time, on several different stretches of road to build up your tune from separate loops. Apparently you can have up to 8 cars.

It’s very simple to use and create a basic tune. You can also view a top chart of islands created by other people to see how it should be done. Check out the Lion Sleeps Tonight for instance! Users can vote on their favourites.

Isle of Tune

You don’t need to register to play around with the site, you can just jump straight in. Future versions will also be released for iPad and iPhone which would make a great app.

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