Music Educators Toolbox | Carnegie Hall

This set of free online resources for music teachers includes lesson plans and activities, summative and formative assessments, video examples, and documented best practices. Designed to be effective and adaptable in a wide variety of music classrooms, the resources were … Continue reading

Lesson: Leaf Children – Teaching With Orff

Lesson: Leaf Children Posted October 1, 2014 by Marjie Van Gunten Fall Leaves A beautiful children’s book and autumn leaves inspire creative movement and encourage children to make aesthetic choices about instrumental accompaniment to their leaf dance. A repeated refrain … Continue reading

Anthem: The Story of The Star-Spangled Banner

Welcome to The Anthem Project An online resource for teachers based on the independent documentary Anthem. via Anthem: The Story of The Star-Spangled Banner. … Continue reading

The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America | Library of Congress

Overview See and Hear American History Through Song “Know the songs of a country and you will know its history for the true feeling of a people speaks through what they sing.” – Preface to The Songs of Henry Clay … Continue reading

The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem

On September 14, 1814, U.S. soldiers at Baltimore’s Fort McHenry raised a huge American flag to celebrate a crucial victory over British forces during the War of 1812. The sight of those “broad stripes and bright stars” inspired Francis Scott … Continue reading