About the Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter

The Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter (GTBAOC) is a local non-profit organization for music educators.  It is an affiliate of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA).

GTBAOC supports the Orff Schulwerk philosophy of incorporating music, movement, and speech concepts as developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. All of these concepts center around the development of the total child.

Membership in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter also provides opportunities for continual development of the teacher. Active participation in our area workshops will inspire  creative musical growth. By associating with other talented music educators, you can share ideas at a professional level.  Teachers who are new to the Orff Schulwerk process and don’t have access to the barred instruments, will be introduced to many other skills which still nurture the Orff process.

Begin a new musical journey for yourself and your students by becoming a member of the Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter.

The Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter History

In 1997/1998, our “Founding Father”, Tim Benton approached a few colleagues to form a new Florida Orff Chapter.  After many brain storming meetings, the Greater Tampa Bay Area Orff Chapter was formed! Since August of 1998, the board has featured High Quality National Clinicians under the leadership of our past presidents.

Tim Benton 1998-1999
Lori Jungers 1999
Tim Benton 1999-2001
Nikki Schmidt 2001-2003
Judy O’Shell 2003-2005
Marti Parker 2005-2006
Kay Jones 2006-2008
Elizabeth Rook 2008-2010
Nadine Johnson 2010-2011
Randy Allen 2011-2013
Debbie Freeman 2013-2015
Holly Mullenix 2015-2018
Natalia Ritchie 2018- present


Natalia Ritchie, President president@gtbaoc.org
Mary Lou Keyloun Cruz, President-elect keylouncruzm@pcsb.org
Phyllis Garrett, Secretary garrettp@pcsb.org
Heather Haskell, Treasurer treasurer@gtbaoc.org
Holly Mullenix, Past President  mullenixh@pcsb.org
Randy Nataraj-Allen, webmaster nataraj-allenr@pcsb.org
Carol Carstensen, Hospitality carstensenc@pcsb.org



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