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LEGO Rhythms

New post on South Florida Orff

Lego Rhythms
by southfloridaorff

I was so excited to see this blog post from a music teacher who uses Legos as building blocks for rhythm!

Use these Smartboard files to compose rhythm patterns with students using Lego blocks! The number of beats each block is worth corresponds with the length of the lego block. For example, a quarter note uses a “one-lump” block, while a half note uses a “two-lump” block, and so on. Templates are made in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4.

Each Lego has a different symbol. She even created pages of downloads with different meters that you can download at her site (it appears to be free). She has them broken down with suggested grades and meters! It’s all done on with a smartboard.

Amazing! This is a wonderful way to give your students practice with notation and composition!